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How to market your online business

How to market a website

Online business is something that needs very special care in terms of building concept and finding the best ways of marketing. Many people are in search of finding ways to promote business online. But question arises how to market your business? Or how to promote your business? There are many ways to advertise. I can tell you how to advertise a new business and ways to promote business online.

 Where can I advertise my business?

Optimize your site for search engine- First and foremost thing that you have to do before promoting a website is to optimize the page according to the search engine. It is helpful in getting good ranking on search engines you can do this by placing quality keywords in appropriate ratio. For keyword selection you can use Google keyword tool. There are many online promotion company are there which help you to Place the keywords in your content and it will show your website whenever visitor search for the keyword or nearby keyword.

Use paid advertising – For getting instant traffic and to make a large number of people aware of your site you have to take the help of PPC, the at main advantage of this is that it provides you the relevant traffic which in return increase your conversion rate.

Newsletter or Press release– E news letter and press release will give your website good number of customers and targeted audience. Through this you can provide detailed information about your products to the customers.

Blogs– Blogs are the best way to get traffic to your site, It is one of the online marketing strategies add niche wise blogs in your site which will also help you to improve the search engine ranking. Through this you can add more keyword phrase to your web page. Write informative blogs related to your niche to attract more visitors to your site.

Backlinks or traffic exchange– The base and roots of SEO is link building, you cannot ignore organic traffic as it is the most relevant traffic which gets converted. So build quality Backlinks for your site and link your site to high authority sites. It will boost your ranking on search engine pages.

Active social media presence– Social media is at present the biggest canvas where  you can promote anything. Here you get a huge number of people to share your ideas and products. And now search engines are also counting your social presence in ranking. Create your brand page on various social media sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn where you can reach a large number of people around the world. Facebook ads are also very helpful for branding; add social buttons on your site.

Offline marketing– Apart from online marketing you have to do offline marketing too. It will help you to get local customers. Newspaper ads, newsletters, brochures, commercials will help you on local level to promote your product.

Attractive layout and design– The design and layout of your website plays a vital role in getting conversion rate, the page should be attractive and catchy. It should have pop ups to get leads, the site should have a professional look and it should reflect your work according to the niche.

Loading time– The loading time of your site should be low , no one have that much time to wait for your loader and stare them till your site opens. So optimize you site such that it should have very low loading time.

Reviews– Add a review option in your site and ask your clients to post their reviews about your work. This will add an extra flavor to your site and makes you new customer know about your previous work. There are many review sites for online stores where one can post their review.

Email marketing– Emails are the biggest medium through which you can increase your conversion rate. Send emails regarding your products, schemes and packages to your customers. It can a simple text e mail or might be a html template.

Forums and answer sites- Be active on various forums according to your niche, these are helpful in getting some traffic to your site. And apart from this some answer sites like Quora will help you to boost up your traffic.


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